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Resident Aliens: A Novel
Joe PorterIn the mid-seventies four adults from beyond their national borders find themselves marooned in Jeffersonian academic Charlottesville, Virginia: the journalist Iréne and her professor husband Jean-Luc, both French; Chantal, a graduate student from Montréal; and Mouse, an Oneida Quebecoise. Set in their house in the country, Resident Aliens culminates in a festive weekend of comical blunders, shifting allegiances, and maturing love. Joe Ashby Porter continues his series of cultural core samples from the path that led here, advancing past the sixties ebullience of his Eelgrass into the truer and more concentrated edginess of the seventies.
All Aboard
Joe Ashby PorterWith All Aboard, acclaimed fiction writer Joe Ashby Porter ventures into new, sometimes unprecedented territory, from the luxe restraint of “Merrymount,” through the stops-out eroticism of “Pending,” to the distilled heebie-jeebies of “Dream On.” Here, reading, travel, and sexual orientation (and disorientation) loom larger than before in Porter, and the dialogue gives new play for what Harry Mathews has called Porter’s “golden ear.” The whole collection unfolds as does each component, laying track just ahead of the speeding train of thought.

Joe Ashby Porter lives in Durham, North Carolina. As alter ego Shakespearean Joseph A Porter, he teaches at Duke University.
Joe Ashby Porter*****
Kentucky Stories
Joe Ashby Porter
Lithuania: Short Stories
Joe Ashby PorterThe author of "Eelgrass" and "The Kentucky Stories" now offers a collection of "mysterious and beautiful" (Lee Smith) stories, "as subtle, syntactically graceful, and beautiful as any I've seen" (Toby Olson).
Touch Wood: Short Stories
Joe Ashby Porter
The Drama of Speech Acts: Shakespeare's Lancastrian Tetralogy
Joseph A. Porter
Shakespeare's Mercutio: His History and Drama
Joseph A. Porter
The Near Future
Joseph Ashby Porter